Healthy Habits Challenge Workbook

Healthy Habits Challenge Workbook by Austin Witherow

How to Use this Workbook. This is an action focused workbook, designed to help you create and sustain simple habits for success. The first habit we'll focus on is Cultivating our Conscious Effort with Journaling, followed by defining your Overall Why. You'll discover... What is it that burns deep within your heart? What is your purpose? After we've gotten some clarity here, we'll go over the Power of Compound Habits, revealing there the Simple Keys there for Sustainable Success. Finally the learning is out of the way, and it'll be time for some ACTION! First, we'll score ourselves in a Honest Wellness Audit. Taking these scores, we'll work through our strengths and weaknesses through analysis, habit creation, and journaling. Print this eBook and post the pages where you can see them, and keep yourself accountable! See you on the other side, Austin