Setting Your Sankalpa: Cultivating Energy Towards Your Life Purpose

Setting Your Sankalpa: Cultivating Energy Towards Your Life Purpose

By Austin Witherow

When we focus our Mind and Energy into a single point, we can accomplish Anything. Why not Cultivate Energy into our Sankalpa (Manifestation of our Deepest Desire)? When we do, our Vibration increases. In these States of Consciousness, the Law of Attraction kicks in on overdrive. When we maintain this, we Realise.

I will outline some important steps to take before working with our Sankalpa. Then, we dive a little deeper into the Power of the Sankalpa. Finally, I conclude with the outline for a simple Heart Connectivity practice.

Creating an Environment for Success

The practice of Yoga is the practice of returning our Energy back to center. Life Happens and Disrupts our Energy, taking it out of our bodies and into something else. Perhaps a small, momentary distraction. Perhaps something that shakes our very foundation.

To better deal with disruptions, crafting an environment that fosters success is important. It is in this environment we Connect before we go out into the World. A yogic source text, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, has some recommendations for the Yogi.

The hermitage should have a small door and no windows. It should be level with the ground and have no holes in the wall. [It should be] neither too high nor too long, and clean and free from insects. It should be laid daily with cow dung. Outside there should be a raised platform with an elevated seat and a water tank. The whole should be surrounded by a wall. These are the characteristics of a yoga hermitage as described by the siddhas, the masters of hatha yoga.

Not sure about the cow dung part, This text is over 800 years old, but most of the other stuff has merit. First, solitude. Make sure that you have some privacy for at least 20 minutes to an hour.

Simplicity in aesthetic for the environment fosters focus. The mention of the water tank is important too, as we should come to each practice clean. Cleanliness is Godliness. Make sure to bathe and take care of your Temple before Yoga Sadhana (practice).

It is good to practice in the same place. Not only due to it being a good Environment. More importantly is the charge that you develop and Permeate there. Engage the senses with an Incense Set. Create a comfrotable seat with perhaps a Blanket or Meditation Bolster. If you have religious faiths or beliefs, you can integrate them into your practice here. Either way, we should enter this space and practice with respect for ourselves and our Ideal.

The Power of Sankalpa

The Sankalpa is not another New Years Resolution. It is beyond all words and speech in depth. It is something that abides in the deepest parts of our Heart. It is the Souls yearning for the fulfillment of something More. It is the Desire to Merge with this More, to evolve to your Highest Vibrational potential. It is that Cosmic Force behind the unfolding of your True Expression.

The Sankalpa is there whether you are conscious of it or not. Lifetimes may pass before Conscious Awareness of this Potential sends you searching. It is bound to your Soul. It expresses as Self through the Aeons. The more Aware of it you are, the more you can Express and Experience Truth.

This Truth then manifests across your entire Reality. Your Potential finally begins to Unfold.
It is of important that we become aware of this Deepst Desire, and nurture it with an engaged yoga practice. When charged with Yoga, Alignment occurs. This Alignment is felt in the Heart Center, the deepest seat of our Soul.

A note here on the hands in prayer... This is a Mudra, or Hand Sign, that bears no religious connotation, though many appropriate it. With hands before our Heart, the thumbs touch to the bottom of the Heart Center. Each finger and thumb corresponds to a specific Element. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Aether. This Mudra balances all the Elements within the Heart. It potentiates Harmony between your Highest Expression and this Manifest Reality.

Connecting with Your Sankalpa

This is a Practical Exercise that should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Treat this section here as a sort of Guided Meditation. Before you begin, make sure that you are open to Experience and to practice with Sincerity. The Power that lies within this Openness and Sincerity is Potent.

  • Asume any comfortable position (Asana) with the Spine Erect (lying, seated, standing).
  • Connect with the breath, not controlling it, but simply be Aware of how it flows.
  • Begin to lengthen the inhalation and exhalation in equal rhythm.
  • Feel the Rising inside of you, this is your Energy Body.
  • Assume its form completely, bringing your Awareness to its subtelty.
  • Vibrate "Reveal to me the Manifestation of my Deepest Soul Desire" (in your own words) a few times. Not as a sentence, but as a Heartfelt Desire.
  • Do not attempt to answer with the Ego, but instead lett it arise naturally.
  • Feel this rising, not as a thought, but a State of Being. Recieve it, rather than Create it.
  • Stay here for a bit, mindful of what rises. Letting go distractions, breathing into it.
  • Breathe this expansiveness into your Heart with the Intention to Grow.
  • After spending some time in this Heart Opening, breathe naturally and relax.
  • Move the body as needed after some relaxation and go about your day mindful of the omnipresence of that Connection.

As you do this Connection activity, many things will start to come up out of the Silence. These things might not be your Deepest Desire or Sankalpa. These are rising past impressions, repressed emotions or mental chatter. Sometimes these come up with vigour, othertimes they fade into silence.

The goal in this exercise is to begin to Search for that Lost Connection. Once we Connnect, we seek to Establish it in our Daily lives. From there, we maintain that connection as we continue to expand and purify its Clarity.

Always take a few moments coming out of Meditation. Give yourself time to gently Integrate before going out into the World.

Connection Established, What's Next?

Continue to practice this daily, once every morning at least. If you so desire, practice before bed too. Make this the most important 5-10 minutes of your day. From here, our Yoga practice will continue to Grow.

In our next post, we will cover Navigation of the Lake of Consciousness. To guide us, we will use with that Flame of Desire, set burning deep in your Heart. Until then, it would be wonderful to hear experiences and feedback on the exercise above. Aloha!