Liberation from Limitations with High Vibrational Yoga

Liberation from Limitations with High Vibrational Yoga

By Austin Witherow

Yoga is the Sanksrit word for "Union". Its practices have not always been a modernised fitness routine focused on Yoga Pants and Handstands. It began as a Scientific Process for Achieving Self Realisation through Experience. The practitioner uses techniques such as Āsana, Pranayama and Dhyana to achieve Samadhi.

Components of High Vibrational Yoga

Āsana (PosturYoga Poseses) come of two main variety: Meditative Postures, and Vinyasa (Flow) Style Sequences. The purpose of Yoga Poses are twofold. First, we open the Fine Channels (Nadis) within the body, increasing Ecstatic Conductivity. Second, we achieve Stability and Ease within the body, allowing us to go into Deep Meditation.

Pranayama (Breathwork) is a set of practices that uses Breathwork to Cultivate Energy. The movement of this Energy in our body is of five types, corresponding to each Element. With Breathwork, we Charge these Elemental attributes of our Energy Body. With this heightened charge, comes release of impurities, and internal Prana (life-force) cultivation.

Once we are coursing with this Elemental Energy, we take this energy into Silence. Breathwork stills the Mind, and with Dhyana (Meditation), we Refine this Stillness into Bliss.

Meditation is no simple feat, as the Mind and Emotions are volatile things. Through practice of Focus, the mind comes to Rest and we begin to Taste the first Experiences of Samadhi.

Samadhi is a state of Non-Dual Consciousness. It is where the Observer and the Observed merge into One. With this experience, Joy, Wisdom and Light pour fourth from that infinite Well within each one of us. Where do we go from there? A quote from an Exposition on the Siva Sutras serves its purpose here:

Find delight in the ordinary, normal course of life, mindful of the subject-object relation which is involved in every bit of knowledge.

When a person knows a thing, he is extroverted, wholly involved in the external environment but if on the occasion of every bit of knowledge, he looks within, he will have a feel of the Self which alone makes that knowledge possible. In that feel of the Self, he will experience the perennial joy of I-consciousness. This is the ever- present joy of samadhi.

Further, this delight is not confined to the Yogi. He radiates it all round among the people who care to observe him in that state. His delight is infectious.

Through our High Vibrational Yoga practice, we enhance this experience and ability described above. From there, it spills over exponentially into all facets of life in radiant Joy. This is the Aim of Yoga, of Union.

In this series of posts, we will craft an High Vibrational routine, done daily. This routine is compiled from source yogic texts and my practical understanding.

High Vibrational Yoga Series

Hope that you enjoy the upcoming posts! Before you head out, let me know: how much time are you willing to make to work towards your Self Realisation?