Live Your Best Life: Dreamline To Paradise

Live Your Best Life: Dreamline To Paradise

By Austin Witherow

The Dreamline Exercise, found in The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris is a modern classic. Published in 2009, it shook the realm of digital entrepreneurship with radical ideas.

Reduction of waste and streamlining efficiency are the focus to Achieving Paradise.

Paradise is much closer within reach that you can imagine. Using the Dreamline Exercise template, you can chart out the course to living your dream life. There's no guarantee that this will be easy, but the framework provided will guide you along the way.

I have not done the Dreamline Exercise since I uprooted from Germany and traveled for a bit. Lately I have found the urge to charge into new ventures. For navigational purposes, the Dreamline Exercise Tool is a solid and simple map.

Dreamline Exercise Tool Overview

Dreamlining is so named because it applies timelines to what most would consider dreams. It is much like goal setting but differs in several fundamental steps. First, the goals shift from ambiguous wants to defined steps. Second, the goals have to be unrealistic to be effective. Third, it focuses on activities that will fill the vacuum created when work is remove. Fourth, living like a millionaire requires doing interesting things and not just owning enviable things.— Four Hour Workweek

Living in Paradise by Having, Being and Doing

Paradise is more of a High Vibrational Mindset rather than a place in this reality. What we have, how we are being, and what we are doing constitute this Mindset and our ability to maintain it. By being clear about this Dream Mindset, we must define it.

To be able to live a certain life, we also must factor in the cost to do so, as well as expenses for saving. Then, we take our Dream Mindset Items, the Costs to Achieve them, and combines them with Action Items.

The Formula for Paradise

The formula for achieving this without financial stress is simple. Take all the costs for the things you want to Have, Be, and Do. Then determine your Monthly Budget of Expenses. Multiply these by 1.3 to add a safety buffer, then add the costs for Have, Be and Do. Divide this by 30 and you have Your Magical Number. This equates to the amount of money you must earn, daily, to Realise Paradise.

For me, some of the things I want to have, be and do are

  • Minimalist gear for lightweight long term travel - $500-$750 one time cost.
  • Handle whatever awesome opportunities life throws at me (fun budget) - $1,000 monthly
  • Invest in my business to increase profits, revenue, future potential - $1,000 monthly.

I kind of want to keep what I am doing now simple so that I can put myself out there to explore what the world has to offer. I am sure that in time I will accrueadditional costs.
My (1.3x) budget comes in about $1,250 monthly. This includes cellphone, hostels/rentals, eating out and cooking, social costs and more.

In total, my costs in one month total out to be $3250 at the highest end. When traveling, I expect I can bring thus number closer to $2,000, and still enjoy living very well! this equates to $65-$110 dollars daily.

At the high end of $110, I can am able to move freely and do WHATEVER I can imagine will happen during my travels. At the low end of $65, I will be able to travel in luxury. I like to stretch my money, so I will end up with a solid emergency fund/investment opportunies along the way.

Achieving our Goals with Concrete Actions

Once we establish this number (or in my case, two number potentials), we need to create a series of actions to take. In the Dreamline example, the action categories are Steps Now, Tomorrow and Next Day. I have changed these for my own liking to fit the Getting Things Done system, Now, Next and Backlog.

Begin with the End in Mind

To help you define some of these items, begin with the end in mind. Once we establish that concept Where We are Going, we can create the Path there.

First, we want to establish a stream of main income to support our lifestyle. At the same time, we try to achieve goals and milestones of personal development along the way. Some questions to ask yourself to help define your Concrete Action Items:

  • What skills and opportunities can I leverage to make my high end daily profit target?
  • What are the 5 Big Milestones to turning this concept into reality?
  • How can I do what I already love doing, document the process, and turn it into a product?
  • How can I do this while helping others?
  • What Daily Actions must I do complete of these Big Milestones?

Sharing Your Journey

I hope you liked this look into the Dreamline Exercise and how you can use it to live the life of your dreams. Feeling Brave? Want to Live a Higher Vibrational Lifestyle? Try the Dreamline Exercise out for yourself. Grab a copy of The 4 Hour Workweek and challenge your beliefs at what you can achieve in life.

Looking forward to hearing your story!