How To Get Back on the Horse with Simple, Sustainable Habits

How To Get Back on the Horse with Simple, Sustainable Habits

By Austin Witherow

I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

Since I moved home to Virginia, my routine got a little out of whack. Instead of crying over spilt milk,  I took out my Composition Notebook and began to put together a simple plan for Getting Back on the Habit Horse.

Getting back to simple habit development methods and focusing on improving my overall health and wellness, my goal is to sustain my highest energy potential so that I can live life fully on my terms.

In this post, I go over systems for success built on connecting with your highest ideal, and introduce the simple outline to successful habits. I provide some basic examples of areas I am focusing on, and examples of my own personal goals at the time of writing this.

This article serves as an overview of a crash course I’ve made on establishing healthy habits. Hope you enjoy, and to see you join the Healthy Habits Challenge group on Facebook!

Honing In On Your Highest Ideal

When I was flying back home for a visit recently, I realised that I had lost connection with that fire that burned within me. Luckily I had my Kindle Paperwhite with me with a copy of a favorite book of mine... The War of Art: Break Through Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles.

I kicked back my chair in the plane and read the entire flight. Finishing the book, I realised that I had strayed far off of my ideal, of my true expression, and I needed to figure out exactly how the hell to get back on track.

Before I set out for success, I figured it'd be a good idea to ask myself... What does success mean to me?.

Otherwise, how do we know if we’ve ever gotten there?

How do we even know if we’re going in the right direction, or if we’re even moving at all?

Figuring out our why is not the easiest of tasks. In fact, the number one regret of those lying in their deathbed is that they wished to have had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them.

"This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it." - The Guardian, Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Is your life currently going as you dreamed? Do you feel that you are in control, or as if it's going in some predetermined direction that doesn't feel like you even made the choice?

My Highest Ideal is my own, as is yours. Don't be afraid to dig deep into your Heart and uncover your true desires and dreams, and be daring to become who you truly want to be.

I am passionate about living life on my terms. My overarching goal is to live life to its fullest. I could not care less (and I hope you don't either!) about what anyone says that is inhibiting you from expressing yourself authentically.

As we live in a vibrational universe, I must then do things that are conducive to helping me vibrate at my highest potential frequency consistently, otherwise the world we live in will make damn sure that we never live the life we actually wanted.

But I'm lazy too, so I gotta make sure it's stupid easy, otherwise I'm probably gonna hit snooze instead.

Simplified Success with Sustainable Habits

A quote often attributed to Aristotle rings true despite its origins...

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

When I was in college and post graduate life, I was absolutely obsessed (and I still am) with self-help, business and producitiy books, todo lists, post it notes, nice pens, organization, composition notebooks, etc.

I've read and implemented (not always successfully) tips from tons of great literature, such as Atomic Habits, Don’t Break the Chain, The Power of Habits, and The Compound Effect.

After having read all these and implemented multiple methods, habits became a lot simpler, and so did achieving my goals incrementally.

The secret to achieving success? It's really simple: For each area of life cocern that you want to develop in some way, all you gotta do is

  • Connect with your Highest Ideal,
  • Select an simple, repeatable action you WILL, without fail, do every day (Keep It Stupid Simple),
  • Do it every day, until it’s too easy and you need to even upgrade to a new level of action

Where to begin focusing? Well, II decided to focus on the fundamentals of health and wellness, which are pillars to any real success, outlined below.

Cultivating Your Dream Frequency with Health and Wellness Habits

🗒️ Journaling as a keystone habit to start keeping daily track of the dreams I’m having, the wins I’ve had, the lessons I've learned, and how I can improve tomorrow. In the crash course, I use a method I’ve created called the Retrospective Renewal prompt. Sign up today and get the walk through.

🦸‍♂️ Personal Development habits such as committing to read a book for at least 20 minutes, listening to a podcast that’s inspiring or has great business ideas, or attempting to learn something new through training or education

🍱 Eating Right has alway been an opposite problem for me than most. As a tall person, if I forget to eat, my weight plummets… So I am mindfully trying to eat an additional snack on top of my daily meals in order to gain a little bit of lean muscle over time.

💪 Exercise and Play is definitely one that’s difficult to do when on the move, if you think about maintaining gym memberships and excuses. My goal here is to simply get sweaty doing yoga and calisthenics for at least 15 minutes before I get in the shower. I’ve also made it a habit to go for a walk every day, even if it’s cold outside!

💤 Reducing Stress and Improving Rest has been a big focus most of my adult life. I fell out of my meditation habit, so I’ve started doing 5 minutes again, minimum, every morning.. Which usually turns into 15 to 30! I also set a strict bedtime for myself that I (sometimes) meet at 11pm.

🌱 Reducing Toxicity is really important and hugely undervalued… This includes a few categories… First, trying to really get in touch with the people that inspire me (and away from those who drag me down and away from my potential). Second, seeking out environments that help cultivate my productivity and dreams (versus ones that cripple my potential). This also includes no longer making crappy quality/unsafe product choices, and thinking about the environment in my daily actions. I am currently minimalising my life in general, so that I can travel… so I have committed to throwing away, donating, or storing for the long term, one item a day.

I didn't start with these all at once, but I began making little baby steps in the right direction, one day at a time, adding a little bit of advancements in the right direction every week.

By focusing on cultivating simple habits every day in these life categories, I’ve already begun to see the benefits spilling out into my overall mood, energy, quality of life, creativity, and more.

Success is a Habit, Not a New Years Resolution

Cultivating Healthy Habits is not just something we should do during the New Year, but something that we should strive to do for our entire lives.

What kind of habits are you feeling deficient in? What things are already going well?

Ready to step up and be the change you wanna see in your life?

Join the High Vibes Healthy Habits Challenge, Today and get a Free Workbook for building your journaling habit, auditing your wellness, tracking your success and reflecting on where you want to go next!

Looking forward to hearing from you!