Find Your Deep Sleep Serenity in this Sleep Essentials Collection

Find Your Deep Sleep Serenity in this Sleep Essentials Collection

By Austin Witherow

This last month (and every month) has been all about investing in my health, so that I could start getting the sleep I deserve. And it's already paying dividends.

I spent a lot of time this past month tweaking my sleep schedule, getting rid of toxic artificial light elements in my room, and learning about the circadian rhythm.

I also was testing out some sleep essentials I've ordered and wanted to share with you today the tried and true.

I don't like investing in crap. I'm a minimalist. I live out of my backpack, and don't make space for anything that is not practical. ALL of the items below I have recommended fit all together in a small accessory bag in my pack.

If you're interested in

  • investing in your health and wellbeing, and
  • getting the sleep you deserve

check out the Sleep Essentials Collection:

🧘‍♂️Free Guided Meditation: In Breathe Easy into Your Deep Sleep Serenity, you’ll learn a series of breathwork and meditation cues to help you detach from daily stress, really relax the body, and breathe easy into your deepest night sleep.

🌱Essential Oils and Sleep: Learn about the importance of sleep, essential oil sleep science, which oils to use for sleep, and how to use essential oils for empowered sleep habits.

⚗️Effective Topical and Internal Essential Oils Uses for Sleep: At night, I diffuse Serenity, and freestyle in oils like Black Spruce, and the Adaptiv Calming Blend for a deep nights sleep. I also take two supplements before sleep that really help. The Serenity Restful Complex that goes will with Copaiba (great CBD alternative) at night.

🤓Shade Your Pineal Gland: Though I recommend no blue or artificial light sources late in the evening, sometimes there’s work to be done. As a programmer, these glasses have been essential for me in preventing eye strain and protect my natural sleep rhythms. I also recommend apps apps like f.lux for Desktop, Night Shift for iOS, or Twilight for Android.

😴Seal Out the Light with a Sleep Mask: I really didn’t like travel masks until my buddy Jason shared the one he designs. The Sleep Secret Sleep Eye Mask is legit with adjustable eye pads that don’t make my eyeballs feel claustrophobic, and a nice relaxed fit.

That wraps up my sleep related essentials that I keep with me by my bedside or when I travel.

Let me know on Instagram or Facebook what your sleep essentials are!

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