5 Health Hacks for Weathering the Wintertime

5 Health Hacks for Weathering the Wintertime

By Austin Witherow

Just moved back to Virginia after some time in Hawai’i... Weather is gonna be brutal! Been thinking over how I am best gonna take care of myself for the coming cold months. I imagine you might be in the same boat so here are some great resources I’ve put together for you!

Health Hack #1: Thrive this Winter with the Ayurvedic Winter Habits Guide

Ayurveda is Sanskrit (Indian) for “Life Science”, one of the oldest holistic healthcare systems in the world. It maintains that Health is an Alignment in Mind, Body and Spirit. Learn more about Ayurveda and discover your Dosha!

Health Hack #2: Learn the Science of Breath: A Practical Guide. Breathwork and Meditation are especially important during the Wintertime to help with seasonal mood swings, stress, and overall health and wellbeing.

Health Hack #3: Simple Secrets to Maintaining that Beach Body, YEAR ROUND

Intermittent fasting is amazing and it’s not hard to get started. Learn the science of simple weight management, and stop wasting your time with all the other nonsense!

Health Hack #4: Level Up Your Fitness with Simple and Easy Fitness Routines by Darebee. I have used this site for workout inspiration since college. Super simple, with exercise routines for any skill level.

Bonus: Boost Immunity and Digestion with this Comforting Wintertime Essential Oil Tea

Drinking tea during the Wintertime not only helps to keep us warm, but delivers essential benefits, deliciously. Skip the tea bags, and save space and money!